Voice Dialogue

This process allows us to dialog with the different aspects, personalities or voices individually. Finding out what is important to each voice, where that voice lives energetically in your body, what the voice needs from you, what kinds of values and rules they have set up for you. This technique then opens up a pathway to the opposite voice. Exploring the opposite of a primary voice allows you to see there are many more choices to life’s challenges. You begin to draw awareness to your life in a way that is more true to your soul.

Some of the voices include Rulemaker, Rebel, Cautious Observer, Pleaser, Critic, Selfish, Pusher, Slob, Neat, Personal, Impersonal, Teacher, Student, Outgoing, Shy, Pretentious, Humble, Attractive, Ugly, Healthy, Sick…and the list goes on endlessly.

If your life’s experiences are not playing out the way you want, maybe it’s time to consider the primary and sub-personalities within your mind as part of the culprit. Awakening parts within yourself and causing change to occur. Knowing you are no longer taken for the ride, you are in the drivers seat.

Our relationships benefit, our life benefits from the practice. Allowing the selves to emerge in your life on your command opens up possibility. No longer silently suffering, you begin to realize why and how you attract certain types into your life, certain situations, and you are able to see more sides to the story. A healthy life and body begin to materialize.

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