The Twin Flame journey as I am realizing it is a hard path to walk on. It is not easy and I do not believe there is a one size fits all with the term Twin Flame. Anything is possible and from the perspective of the soul you need what you need, and want what you want. This is in difference with what the ego needs and wants. Your ego is the image you have of yourself, your social mask, titles and roles. Your soul is your true essence, who you are below the labels, your divine energy.

I am going to try to make this a very basic description and just so you know not everyone is here in this incarnation, to find the Twin Flame union.

I recently stumbled onto this term in a very random way, I was searching for guided mediations on the internet and there was a twin soul activation. I went ahead and listened to it and from that point on was given many ways to look at the twin soul incarnation. I think for some souls it is the last earthy incarnation and that is why there is a need to find your Twin Flame or get your Twin Flame back and for others it may not be. So please do not take this post as truth, only take this post to your level of truth. Again no matter what is out there on this subject one size does not fit all with the term Twin Flames.

My basic understanding is that at some point in your souls existence it broke into two, I want to say for basic purposes before incarnating to this particular life. Because in all honesty I think our soul breaks into many different pieces and is working on many different planes of existence all at once. But for today your soul split in half, and wants you to find the other half. But you will not know about this to the core of you, until you have probably met your Twin Flame and moved into the Chaser/Runner phase or what seems like, too late or a split. You will seemingly part ways for the reasons of intensity and it is part of the game. Part of the experience you need to be whole again. But remember you have a telepathic connection on the soul plane this Twin Flame is you. So the illusion of loosing the Twin for a period of time is just that an illusion. You are never without you.

I read that the Twin Flame connection is about healing Karma or healing the soul, but I am beginning to believe it is not all about healing to great lengths at a soul level. I am beginning to believe it is more about how you view the self. How you perceive the self. How can you know deep and lasting love that rocks your socks in so many directions if you have judgements about your partner. Judgements create resentments which leave us in more fear about love, more, than actually being able to experience love. Which many of us on this plane have no real concept of love. The paradigm is shifting from fear to love. The Duality of needing both sides is melting away. The fifth dimension is love beyond limits. The state of time we are moving into is not a polarization where we need duality. It is a place, the fifth dimension that exists in closer alignment to what some people would call heaven or the soul. It is a space of no time in an earth body, where you can experience everything all at once. All the lives you live, all the people, animals, plants you have been.

What is known as the Twin Flame Relationship is, for many of us, occurring more and more frequently as our planet experiences a painful awakening and shift from an old idea of love into a more open and honest kind of love.

Can you imagine LOVE like that? I mean I want to. I know I am on the Twin Flame journey, because of finding this information. Getting downloaded even more information. Again lots of people are awakening to this.

So lets say you meet someone, and by basic measures this person is so abstract from you in so many ways. Like at some point this could of been part of but you were split in half. And now someone is holding the space of emotions and feelings and interests that challenge your belief systems. They can telepathically communicate with you. (although this is happening now with all the earth energy activations happening) There is usually something about the relationship that changes your interpretation of right and wrong. Like an significant age gap, same sex, different nationalities, mean and kind the list could go on. Your light they are dark, etc, etc. Then you either have a very wonderful beginning that happens fast that can last for a long period, years even or a short period of time, like a chance encounter, but the connection you feel is instant and undeniably real and loving. Then as quickly as it started it ends.

You know something is different about this person. Both of you do but it is hard to put into words because one of you is usually more spiritual than the other.

After the breakup happens. The break can be long in coming, like you should of broken up years ago but held on because you know there was more or an on again off again thing or a ghosting. No situation is the same. And not everyone is on the Twin Soul path. So you are meant to have more than one soul mate, and a soul mate is different from a Twin Flame.

In the Twin Flame journey after the break one of the partners in the breakup then becomes obsessed, the mind of the partner can’t stop thinking about the other, no matter what they try to do. They will have trouble sleeping, eating, concentrating. They will do anything to get this person back. But the more someone tries the more it comes off in desperation. This is what is called the push or the chaser/runner phase. Remember you have a telepathic connection with your twin flame and they can subconsciously feel your thoughts on them constantly.

During this phase, one soul will abandon the other, seemingly without notice or reason. The relationship seems to be over for good—and it very well may be. The reality is Twins can come back together—in kindness and mutual respect—and begin to progress through the stages together.

In this world we are basically not prepared for this kind of love. So while the runner runs far away. Remember that you are two halves of the same energy so pushing and running from yourself does not work. It will never work and you can be in the stage for centuries. For some souls the runner/chaser can even have a hard time knowing who is who. They soul can wrap itself so tightly that the runner appears to also be the chaser. Remember you are the same soul. A soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

You can meet once in your lifetime very briefly and never reconnect. But your soul wants this to work, you want to experience this kind of love, you would not have found this blog if this were different. Sometimes lifetimes can be spent in the runner/chaser phase, incarnating together over and over again. Finding the person but not ready to have that kind of love. But I am trying to stay with just this life. So lets come back to this one.We are making our way to the 5th dimension of light. It is the experience of universal love, in a human body.

It is also very possible that you just realized you have lost your Twin Flame because you have currently experienced a break up recently in the last year. I have seen many clients this year that have had relationships fall apart. But maybe you did have a break up but are not sure if it was a Twin Flame? I am going to ask you to sit quietly, breath and then ask your heart, was so and so my Twin Flame? You will get a response. If the answer is no. Then set the intention to meet your Twin Flame. Remember you do not always have to have the Runner/Chaser phase of the Twin Flame union. Even though much of the information out there says that you do.

When the “runner” soul takes off, it is often done out of feeling overwhelmed, not worthy, or confused by his or her connection—a connection that feels markedly different than anything they’ve ever experienced. They may not be leaving the relationship for good. They may simply need the time and space to process their feelings.

Yet, the twin that is left behind may feel abandoned. When this runner and chaser phase begins, it’s an ego trip for the chaser. So when the runner leaves, they can be relentless in their pursuit. The chasing isn’t done out of the best interest of both souls, but rather because the chaser has their own issues surrounding abandonment, loneliness, and worthiness. What’s interesting is that resolving these issues is the purpose of this phase.

At the beginning of this runner-chaser phase, neither twin is able to process these emotions—instead, the runner hurts the chaser by wanting to move on, while the chaser blames the runner for their pain and projects his or her wounding onto their twin. One of the Twins can heal both of the Twins. If you choose to. Luckily, this difficult process is the purpose of this phase in the twin flame connection.

Remember some souls have been on the push/pull for lifetimes and do not need to have the break any longer they have managed to work through all of that in other lifetimes. This type of union is not for everyone. The emotions can be overwhelming and if neither of you are willing to do the work it entails to be at piece. You have to honor that also, because we have free will. If you are the chaser, calm down. Turn in. One of you has the power to soften both of you.

But if you are struggling mentally, emotionally and physically. Everyone around you is telling you to just get over it already and you can’t. I am going to tell you, you must. Because if they are your Twin Flame they need you to stop thinking about them to feel the loss. To find emotional growth. They need YOU to become emotionally mature for this advanced type of love. You need you to stop thinking about them so you can move forward. That is basically how simple it is. STOP. Then see what happens. If they were not your Twin Flame then you are that much farther along, for yourself to find your true Twin Flame if you choose or just a really great soulmate. If part of you is not ready to experience this you do not have to fault yourself. Just stop the obsession. You can do it. The twin Flame union is a spiritual connection tied to a mission and is meant to propel your spiritual awakening and enlightenment and thus your soul purpose and your task why you are here on this planet. Accept and feel honored that you are part of a much bigger plan than only being two people in love. Twin flames incarnated together to create high vibrating energy of Divine pure love to spread its light all over the planet and to actively assist the awakening and growth of other people. There is no guarantee that you will be together in the physical. This depends on free will, timelines and your life plan that you agreed on before coming here.

The odds are in your favor that your Twin Flame or whole soul wants to experience itself from a judgement free point of view. From a vibrational standpoint. The thing that many of us forget—Twin Flames included—is that what is meant for us truly won’t ever miss us, so there is never a need to rush anything, or push it—everything happens in the way that it is meant to.