You know sometimes life throws you to the dogs and you just have to make them like you.

In my last post I mentioned I lost my dogs. They are both still living and I can still see them after the dust clears, I am sure. But I miss them everyday. It feels worse sometimes more than others.

The first time I met Gunther he was being babysat at a friends house, I think Kolby might have been there also but he didn’t make an impression. Gunther took to me and would not get his nose out of my privates, I thought this dog is annoying. I later found out by living with him he just wants to go in between your legs for a bum scratch. You know hindsight, lol! So when I started to live with these creatures I had little knowledge that I would absolutely fall in love with them.

At first I was just cohabitating. Kolby is a doodle and very jealous. He would do his best even early on to get in between myself and his dad. I learned then that treats work well for getting a dog on your side. The only problem is the human daddy hates treats. So they were snuck to them when I could. Kolby was still a puppy then, he ate my favorite yoga top, favorite flip flops, a yoga towel and I am sure things I never realized. One really funny day I had just had lunch at the Bagel Deli in Denver, they have the most wonderful black and white cookies and I had gotten one after lunch to have as a treat. I put it down on the table and ran to take a shower, when I came out I noticed what looked like a mess of plastic and crumbs on the floor and Kolby smiling at me like he was so happy for the treat. He has a pink spot on his nose that looks like a heart and every time he looks at me I just have to smile because he knows he is naughty and can get away with it. The only problem with Kolby is he is nervous. Kinda like me.

Gunther on the other hand is not nervous and just happy to chase a ball and guard his food. He takes his treats in a kind way and never outsteps his doggy bounds. I love him more than I can even explain, I once had a dream with my dog Spike, who has been gone for more years than Gunther is old, was trying to tell me he is now Gunther. I woke up and called out Spike just to see, Gunther came running and licked my face. That could be just because I know he loves me but something in the subconscious tells me he and I have a bigger bond. I think he helped put his dad and I together.

As I said sometimes life throws you to the dogs, bones work best to get you on the right side of the track.