We are moving quickly into a new age, one of a 5D universe. You might wonder what in the heck does that mean Nancy?

Well right now we live in a 3D universe. A material universe where things and more things and the fear of loosing those things are very real. We are bombarded with how we should look, how we should think and how we are not good enough if we do not look, think or own certain possessions. Although I know I came here to experience beautiful shoes and the cheese, oh the wine also. But seriously we live in a world of separation. I am separate from you. I am separate from source and as long as I am separate I can lie and steal and cheat. The ego state.

We are living in a dark lonely time. And your soul wanted to be here. Bottom line is I am shifting to we. The now. The only place ego does not exist. Those breathtaking moments full of joy and wonder and creativity.

Energetically the 3D is a very low vibration and being in this dimension only enhances our separation even more. As long as the ego mind is in control the heart is closed.

4D reality is our dreams. It is the living dimension of our slumber. It can be called the Astral plane or the fluid plane. I won’t go into to to much detail but in 4D fear and negativity can still breath heavy. Anything is possible in this place.

5D reality is the plane of light. It is a place of unconditional love. Source energy this is the realm before entering the dimensions of linear time and duality. It means many different timelines and many different realities can be accessed. Physical existence is still possible here but the you, the one created in the 5D plane is much lighter than the you in 3D and you becomes we. It will be entirely impossible to live in the lie state, the truth will be all that matters. The disease of 3D, the illusion of death and decay will no longer be the issues we face, war and famine are not part of 5D. This is the place we all came from. The source of all there is. That is 5D.

Living from a place within your heart. Imagine that. As you set forth some wishes tonight, 3/20/2019, Super Full Moon in Libra, we have the Spring Equinox and a very powerful portal all coming into being this evening, set your intentions them from this place of 5D thinking. Set your intention from your heart so that all hearts hear your message.

I was speaking with my very best friend today and she said that she thinks she has not done enough for others. I think this is one of the lies of the 3D model. She listens and makes people laugh and no matter how difficult life is she picks herself up and gets going. That takes incredible courage and is inspiring to those around her. She is also the person in the room that makes you feel seen. So use tonight to inspire your soul to energize whatever you put in motion. This is a moment like all moments to be present and to honor your wants and desires. I have been writing lists, love, home, work and I will send them to all the hearts asleep. If we are to be in a place of wholeness, the we in us, all deserve this new landscape of 5D heart reality!

Blessings to you all friends! And so shall it be!