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“When I decided to explore the idea that I may have lived past lives, I was apprehensive and somewhat skeptical. Nancy quickly put my mind at ease. Her Approach, knowledge and pleasant tone helped to guide me through a wonderful experience. I learned a lot in my first regression and I look forward to the next opportunity to visit my past lives.” ~ Mike Marion, Denver CO


Past Life Refgression

It is in a sense, tapping into the Akasha, the aether, and seeing a different possibility, gaining knowledge that will help you to guide your life around…or allow you to let go of current frustrations, patterns or stuck energy. This spiritual journey really enables you to see that though our physical bodies are limited, our spiritual lives are boundless. We carry unresolved thoughts, emotions, unfinished business, unlearned lessons from one experience to the next, until our spiritual work on ourselves is complete.

What sort of present life traumas can a Past Life Regression help with?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Suicidal Thoughts, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Problems, Unexplained Pains, Recurring Nightmares, Clumsiness, etc. etc.

How intense will the Past Life Regression be?

This varies, from powerful to subtle. Many participants engage all of their senses while on the journey, while others have glimpses in one form or another. The intensity really depends on what you’re trying to figure out about this your current life, where you are on your current path, and how you imagine. Being able to connect to your issues in powerful or subtle ways, by going to the point of origin, reliving or just sensing it, then releasing and healing is an intense experience…your degree will vary.

How do I prepare?

First, by setting an intention for the understanding you wish to receive. Approach the session with an open mind and allow the regression to do the work. There is such a profound healing that occurs with this work. I am so humbled, uplifted and grateful to be a guide in this way. Come explore the past, heal it and move forward into your current life.


Tarot Cards

At the encouragement of friends and family I got a deck of cards and started reading for everyone that would let me. When people meet me they instantly understand the gypsy spirit I invoke in them, and it is an easy flow between us. The cards help visualize answers for you that I already know. The cards I have chosen to work with are not a traditional tarot set, very pretty…but none-the-same.

I read energy best. Understand emotion best. I also have this wealth of knowledge and understanding about spirituality. This makes for a different sort of reading. One that is coach based. I am able to see possibilities. Nothing is ever in stone until it’s over, and even in that there is room to move.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance or just want to have fun, get some confirmation, or just need someone to listen…

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“When I went to see Nancy to get my regression, I had no idea what was in store for me. When Nancy took me through the steps, it was the most relaxed I have ever been. I had so many questions going into the regression about who I was, and how it made me who I am today. Nancy leading me into my past was a whole new and wonderful experience for me, and finding out the life I had lived before, opened my eyes. It fit who I am, and it showed why I do feel and act the way I do. When I left Nancy, I had an all new outlook on who I am.” ~ KateLynn S., age 15

mountain yoga


Whether you’re looking for a private yoga class or group instruction, the class will intuitively be constructed with you in mind. If you are looking to bring yoga to your office, home, or party…this is it.

In a private session we can incorporate a reading as well, moving thru postures as metaphors for problems, excitement, finding joy!

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Voice Dialogue

This process allows us to dialog with the different aspects, personalities or voices individually. Finding out what is important to each voice, where that voice lives energetically in your body, what the voice needs from you, what kinds of values and rules they have set up for you. This technique then opens up a pathway to the opposite voice. Exploring the opposite of a primary voice allows you to see there are many more choices to life’s challenges. You begin to draw awareness to your life in a way that is more true to your soul.

Some of the voices include Rulemaker, Rebel, Cautious Observer, Pleaser, Critic, Selfish, Pusher, Slob, Neat, Personal, Impersonal, Teacher, Student, Outgoing, Shy, Pretentious, Humble, Attractive, Ugly, Healthy, Sick…and the list goes on endlessly.

If your life’s experiences are not playing out the way you want, maybe it’s time to consider the primary and sub-personalities within your mind as part of the culprit. Awakening parts within yourself and causing change to occur. Knowing you are no longer taken for the ride, you are in the drivers seat.

Our relationships benefit, our life benefits from the practice. Allowing the selves to emerge in your life on your command opens up possibility. No longer silently suffering, you begin to realize why and how you attract certain types into your life, certain situations, and you are able to see more sides to the story. A healthy life and body begin to materialize.

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Wedding Oficiant

Every wedding ceremony should reflect the heart, personality, and unique story of each couple. Create a personalized ceremony and make your wedding dreams a reality. I am committed to serving family, friends and my Colorado community through my calling of being an officiant.

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I am so humbled, uplifted and grateful to be a guide in this way. Come explore the past, heal it, and move forward into your current life.
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