Have you thought about sitting down to write your future story? Writing that story from a place of pure light and acceptance as if it truly did happen and you are just recanting your story. Scripting is a law of attraction ritual, based in writing the best version of your life story, from this day forward.

You can write about anything you want your life to look like, from love to home, job or just acquiring a better mental state, being happy, making lots of friends or even having a bank account that surpasses your wildest dreams. Anything and everything about a life well lived goes into this journal as if it were your current reality.

Start with a brand new journal, using a new notebook helps create a fresh perspective, you will need a writing utensil and some binaural beat meditation music (you can find easily on YouTube) and just let it flow. Clear your mind of all distractions.

If you have a hard time being a positive person and making your future out in the best way possible through this script, do not worry, just allow whatever you write to be written. Days weeks into the future of this journal it will all fall into place. Especially if you re-read your entries and make mindful notice when things are not written in the highest light for you. I promise with this as a daily practice you will get better and the wheels you will set into motion will be a vibration that brings your life into this heightened state of living.

Start by asking yourself what your positive life looks like in 5 hours, 1 day, 1 week and 1 year… Then pick up your writing utensil and begin to write. How does it feel to you to be living this amazing life? Make it believable. The more you believe it’s possible, the faster you will see results. Be specific… what is your ultimate happiness? It could change each and everyday, just let it flow into your Scripting Journal. Incorporate gratitude.

Try making this a ritualistic practice. Something you do a little of each day. Then let me know what begins to manifest… happy scripting!