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What I Do

Psychic Oracle Readings

I read energy best. Understand emotion best. I also have this wealth of knowledge and understanding about spirituality. This makes for a different sort of reading. One that is coach based. I am able to see possibilities. Nothing is ever in stone until it’s over, and even in that there is room to move.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance or just want to have fun, get some confirmation, or just need someone to listen…

My Philosophy

I approach each session with an open mind to allow the information to flow and to be a conduit for deep healing.  I am humbled, uplifted, and grateful to be a guide in this way.

My Approach

The cards help visualize answers for you that I already know. The cards I have chosen to work with are not a traditional tarot set, they work harmoniously with me in the reading.


Psychic reading

Remote Reading

Remote readings can be done from anywhere, no matter where you live.  This reading can be done over the phone or via Zoom.


Psychic Reading

In-Person Reading

In-person readings are done at a local coffee shop or in my office space. 

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Happy Clients

tarot readings with nancy vahling denver


“Nancy quickly put my mind at ease. Her Approach, knowledge and pleasant tone helped to guide me through a wonderful experience. I learned a lot in my first reading and I look forward to my next reading.” 


~Mike Marion

Imagine Akasha

Imagine the limitless possibilities!

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