I was just asked to write a little something about Past Life Regression, so I can facilitate a group session. So I thought why not write a blog also at the same time. Group Past Life Regression is my absolute favorite modality for self realization.

I have written on my site that it really doesn’t matter if the images and emotions you receive are truth, what matters most is what happens after. Past Life is never to me a timeline of events this life happens before the next sort of thing, it is going on simultaneously, with this life. So if you effect change in this life you ultimately help the other lives you are living. The effect is felt in its entirety on your whole soul. You may believe differently and I may one day emend my belief on this, not being how it is, but that is the cool part of having free will my beliefs and your beliefs can always and should always have room to grow and change. To evolve as you evolve in what you feel is correct. Past Life for me is always a feeling thing. Something higher than me knows what is false and what is correct.

I went to Past Life Regression training in Sedona Arizona around 2008 with a wonderful women named Mary Elizabeth Raines. (http://www.laughingcherub.com/) In case you are interested in receiving training.

I think I will just describe what goes on during a group regression for the sake of sake’s. A group regression is different from an individual session, a group is centered around making this accessible for a large amount of people. So the preparation before going into the group regression is to answer any and all questions that the group has. I would ask the group to give these questions some private reflection or thought around why your doing this, who and what relationship hold significance in your life that you want to know more about, positive or negative, and time periods in our earthly history that intrigue you. Then we actually get comfortable.

We then get into a comfortable position laying down or sitting up. There is no wrong way to relax. Then I talk the group into some breathing exercises and talk you into the relaxation process. I know how “on” we are as humans the ability to relax is a challenge in and of itself. And being in a group, it is hard for me to know who is relaxed and who is not relaxed. So we spend quite a bit of time here. So much so that if you are tired you could fall asleep. Being well rested or sitting up can help you from falling asleep.

We then go to some significant points in your life, just so that you know how easy or hard it is for you to recall your past in this life. This is not for you to judge how well or not well you do this, it is to simple see. That way if you do have trouble accessing some happy points from your past, you can then just kinda make up something. Which we are doing anyway. Our past is never how we perceived it. It is our emotions and where we are intellectually that give us our memories anyway. How 2 siblings remember the same event are often times very different. So this recall of a happy past memory is just to get you aware. Also how each one of us imagine is so different. You may have all of your senses available in past memory recall, while I might only have the use of images and words. Taste is also very illusive to most. Now that you have some awareness around memory recall, your ability to imagine and a sense of peace because we started with a happy place, it is time to dive down the rabbit hole.

We then float out of this life into the place of peace just before you were born. We will all sense this place differently. Again even though we are in a group this is a very private adventure. You go to this place and ask anyone else’s spirit to come along with you. Living or passed on, animal, mineral, human. Then we ask for protection and get on our way. There are many ways to get to a door, but off we go. You then find yourself in a hallway with many options and I ask you to choose the option that will give you the most benefits for your current life. You float on over to one door examine it and then go through. You may immediately have all your senses or you come out into nothingness and it takes a while to get acquainted with your imagined surroundings.

Just in case your wondering if reality and imagination co-exist they have done many studies and you can clearly see that the changes in the brain in those who imaged playing piano are the same as in those who actually played piano. Really, your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary! This is the point I was trying to make about it not mattering if this is real or imagined. Something inside of you needs addressed. This is a safe way to do that addressing just like seeing a movie unfold before you.

We then take a peak at the body you are in, the place where you landed, the home in which you reside and then we are off to 3 significant events that the life you chose to come to has or had experienced. You get to do these events privately you are only talked in and then talked back out into the next significant event. Before we make our way home, you are asked to go to the death of the life you are presently reliving. You can do this to your comfort level, either experiencing it first hand or looking from a safe distance away. Then we float off to the life review. You meet with a council in the place of peace and I just ask a series of questions aligned with what may have gone of for you, so that your memory upon returning is clear and vivid and also so you can get the higher perspective on why you re-witnessed this life. Then we do some healing and make our way back.

It all pretty much plays out like a dream. If you are at all interested in doing and individual session or getting some friends together for a “fun spiritual party” please feel free to contact me. I have experienced multiple lifetimes in my waking and dream states. Once you do this it become easier to trust the deja vu information I receive.