Past Life Regression


It is in a sense, tapping into the Akasha, the aether, and seeing a different possibility, gaining knowledge that will help you to guide your life around…or allow you to let go of current frustrations, patterns or stuck energy. This spiritual journey really enables you to see that though our physical bodies are limited, our spiritual lives are boundless. We carry unresolved thoughts, emotions, unfinished business, unlearned lessons from one experience to the next, until our spiritual work on ourselves is complete.

What sort of present life traumas can a Past Life Regression help with?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Suicidal Thoughts, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Problems, Unexplained Pains, Recurring Nightmares, Clumsiness, etc. etc.

How intense will the Past Life Regression be?

This varies, from powerful to subtle. Many participants engage all of their senses while on the journey, while others have glimpses in one form or another. The intensity really depends on what you’re trying to figure out about this your current life, where you are on your current path, and how you imagine. Being able to connect to your issues in powerful or subtle ways, by going to the point of origin, reliving or just sensing it, then releasing and healing is an intense experience…your degree will vary.

How do I prepare?

First, by setting an intention for the understanding you wish to receive. Approach the session with an open mind and allow the regression to do the work. There is such a profound healing that occurs with this work. I am so humbled, uplifted and grateful to be a guide in this way. Come explore the past, heal it and move forward into your current life.

DSC_5687 “I have tried past life regression in the past and it never effected me the way it did when I was guided by lovely Nancy Vahling. She creates this really safe environment where you feel safely guided through this journey of learning to let go, trust your moment but most of all to trust yourself. We are always judging ourselves, over analyzing and creating this doubt and fear that surrounds our every decision. This process guides you to let go of these road blocks we set ourselves up for and just allows you to be in the moment and to flow freely with what comes organically. You can really learn so much from your past life experiences, you start to pay attention to recurring patterns in past lives and now is the time to break the pattern. Its very empowering to receive the knowledge and information and then to have the power in your life right now to make the change! Nancy is such a talented and gifted clairvoyant and healer you would be lucky in this lifetime to be given the opportunity to experience her gift!!”
~ Kate Mulheron, Denver CO

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I am so humbled, uplifted and grateful to be a guide in this way.
Come explore the past, heal it and move forward into your current life.
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