If you have checked out the Podcast by now we talk to almost all the guests about this. A lucid dream is the moment you realize you are dreaming inside of a dream. Sometimes you can change the reality in your dream and sometimes you just go along, but you absolutely know “This is a dream.”

I have had my share of these types of dreams and honestly almost always know that I am in a dream. But lately I have noticed a very lifelike quality to the lucid dreams that I honestly either hadn’t noticed or haven’t experienced. I have had pretty right on conversations with people that leave me wondering, why it is near to impossible to have those same conversations here in the physical realm.

I have also come to realize that my emotions play a vital roll in lucid dreaming. If your emotions get ramped up it almost always takes me out of the dream. I either wake up or I disappear and have no remembrance of the dream. It is as if intense emotion, good or bad, will collapse the dream. If you can regulate your emotions in the waking world, it can be helpful to stay in and keep going through a lucid state. You might be wondering how you do this. I try to remember to use a nice long inhale and a nice long exhale during the day if my emotions start to ramp up. I also prefer to mentally tell myself “calm down”. If you repeatedly do this during the day, you will eventually do this also in your dreams. It becomes ingrained in your memory. There is a technique I haven’t incorporated but I hear is also very helpful, find something mundane or what you would consider boring, like your feet or hands and just focus on them until you feel calm.

Once you are able to calm your emotions it is important to then elevate your awareness, by saying “clarity now” or “focus now” then reaffirm you are in a dream by putting one hand thru the other or having the ability to walk through what seems like a solid object. Then notice what would be your intent in the moment? Could it be you just want to go along with the dream or do you have something specific you need or want to do? Focus on your intent. If you are in front of a door, wonder what it would be like to be on the other side of the door or if there is a window, wonder what is outside of the window. Wonderings and focus, whatever we give energy to will grow. That is in both the waking and sleeping worlds.

The last lucid dream I had was a few nights ago, I woke up in a house, I would say is the house I am to actually purchase. It seems familiar and the dogs I spoke of in an earlier blog are there with me. I try my hardest to focus in on what I am supposed to see and then just wind up playing with the dogs. It is fun none-the-less. I almost feel like it is time playtime.

So if you are wanting to wake up in your dreams, clear your mind before bed, state openly in your mind or out loud, “tonight I am going to become conscious in a dream or dreams” (you can also state someone you may actually want to talk to living or deceased in your statement) “tonight in my dreams I want to see my grandmother and have a lucid conversation, one that I remember” ect. Then once you awake in your dream, regulate your emotions, get clarity and enjoy your journey.

This whole life is imagined. I truly believe that if you figure out how to do lucid dreaming, you will figure out how to live in an aware state.