I was chatting with my best friend this morning about a ghost in her house. I have been to her house many times and never sensed it until we started talking about him. Then I got a full on download of information, he was standing in a totally different house than the house they live in. He was in his bedroom and preferred to be alone. I immediately asked Lesa if the house had been a scrape and rebuild and of course it had.

She has seen this shadowy figure since the day they moved in, yet has never felt unusual or frightened by it. How often have you seen something out of the corner of your eye? A shadowy figure or a shape that seems human and when you turn to look directly it disappears?

There are actually several types of ghosts, one of which can actually interact with you. These often more times than not are family members or deceased humans and have actually been in the human/earth realm. You may smell a fragrance or aroma, actual see them, or just sense the presence of a loved one. I encounter sparks of light and an emotional sense of their former personality. Depending on the energy they can generate these types of ghosts can flicker lights, move items and actual sit on something and leave an impression. If you sense or see someone and are not frightened ask out loud or in your mind “who is this?” Trust your answer.

Have you ever seen a mist or what they call ectoplasm. Usually referred to as a ghostly-mist. I have only witnessed this one time and it was when I was taken over by the spirit itself. I had been in attendance at a Halloween Seance. The ectoplasm surrounded me and then for a brief moment I had an indescribable language in my mind. From there I started speaking fast and I am not even sure what was said. The energy was very big and I would not say I was frightening, it was almost like I disappeared into the back of my head. When I came back to the front of my head, I was bewildered. The message I was left with and was a very abrupt, “the world is changing and we need to get in alignment for that change.”

We also have what is referred to as a Poltergeist. My experience with this type of ghost is that it is an energy generally created by a living human. Anger, fear, guilt and shame when produced in high quantities within yourself, seemingly break off and create a chaos. Poltergeists can show up as loud knocking, banging and what I would consider a haunting. They are not always an energy created from our plane of existence, but when it is it usually will be harmless and end just as quickly as it began. When it becomes dangerous, you are dealing with something I am not very familiar with, and would like to continue that way.

Portals or doorways to other dimensions happen all the time and through these portals come orbs or the stick like lights. A portal can feel like a cold spot or a drastic change in temperature. Electronics start to wig here. The idea of a portal is sometimes dismissed. I believe they are created so that a spirit can come and communicate in someway with our world. It seems to me like a fast track here. If they can find the way through the portal then it is possible to make communication quicker. I also feel like once a doorway opens all can come through. I try to imagine the positive when experiencing a portal or doorway. Imagine that only good spirits can enter through there. If for some reason you are feeling negative emotions and can’t stop thinking in a negative mindset. It is time to close the portal. You have the power to do so. Call upon one of the Archangels get out the sage and salt and start clearing your house. I usually call on Archangel Michael and ask him to close the door. Give gratitude and salt and be done with it. If your loved one needs to find you they will in a way that is safe for you and those you love.

There are also the ghosts of your past that are memories that can become haunting in nature. These ghostly memories can have adverse effects on your day to day if you let them get out of control. Try deep breathing, a calming mantra or a meditation. Our memories are there to serve as lessons and joy. When they haunt us both joy and the reason behind why you are remembering this memory disappears. I love you, I am sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you. Is a powerful mantra to help you out of a ghostly loop.