Pricing & Packages

Oracle Psychic Reading

 This is a 30- minute reading that can be done over the phone or in person.


Oracle Psychic Reading

This is a 6-minute reading that can be done over the phone or in person


House Blessing

Clear away negative energy and free up space in a home. Private or commercial. 

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Learn to read cards! Guidance and teachings for the new card reader looking to improve your psychic abilities. 

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Package Deals

Three 60-minute readings: $498

Three 30-minute Readings: $328

Wedding Group Readings or Yoga

Guidance for the Soul

Are your life’s experiences are not playing out the way you want? Awaken parts within yourself and cause change to occur. Knowing you are no longer taken for the ride, you are in the driver’s seat.

No longer silently suffering, you begin to realize why and how you attract certain types into your life, and certain situations, and you are able to see more sides to the story.

A healthy life and body begin to materialize.