I mentioned I lost my job. I am a graphic artist for a grocery store chain, a pretty big-take over the world grocery store chain. Granted I have probably spent more time dreading coming here each day then the idea of leaving this job. I think the universe has a way of shaking things up more while your busy trying to calm another part of you down.

I have spent the last 29 years with this company. I have loved the stability, the 7 weeks of vacation and the health benefits. It has also allowed me the freedom to create this psychic practice. I do not work weekends and about 4 years ago they got the work under control so that we could have more of a work life balance. The ability to leave at 5:30 and close the door and not look back in your head at this place until the next workday morning, has been a gift.

I have been spinning around in my mind, loving the idea of severance to discover who I should be in this part of my life, and being totally 100% scared shit__ss. The whole department was let go, so that feels good, it wasn’t personal. We have just 4 more months until they close the doors and outsource the work. It will be a bitter day, bitter happy and bitter angry and bitter sad. But somehow I am going to trust what the universe has in store and leap on to the next thing with a vengeance!