Tarot Cards

"I have had over a dozen reading/tarot readings in my life and Nancy is by far the most gifted. She is not only the nicest person with an incredible smile, but her energy is amazing and her abilities, something she was born with, are only to be truly understood by her presence. She tapped into things not only in my life but in my family and friends, (even though they don't live near) that was far beyond a simple "card reading". Nancy is exceptional and I highly recommend her if you want an accurate experience that you will never forget! Thank you again Nancy, you are the best and I feel blessed to have met you!!!" ~Stephanie Bailey, Denver, CO


At the encouragement of friends and family I got a deck of cards and started reading for everyone that would let me. When people meet me they instantly understand the gypsy spirit I invoke in them, and it is an easy flow between us. The cards help visualize answers for you that I already know. The cards I have chosen to work with are not a traditional tarot set, very pretty...but none-the-same.

I read energy best. Understand emotion best. I also have this wealth of knowledge and understanding about spirituality. This makes for a different sort of reading. One that is coach based. I am able to see possibilities. Nothing is ever in stone until it's over, and even in that there is room to move.

Whether you are looking for insight, guidance or just want to have fun, get some confirmation, or just need someone to listen...

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