There are signs all around us and I tend to view a sign as a changing point, a moment to ponder why it is there. You know like a picture crashing down and shattering glass all over the place or seeing a certain bird and relaying it to a person in spirit and having that instant moment to where you feel that person is with you and around you.

We are all connected, I have heard it as all minds are connected or all hearts are connected. I have a saying that we are all one being, having a different adventure. When you loose your lust for adventure the one being looses out.

How do you read signs you might be asking? Well, first thing, is receiving. How willing are you for a sign from the universe? The desire and willingness to receive, is the key element. Sometimes we have these burning life questions, like is everything going to be ok, or does he or she like me, or am I sick, or will they do this or that and a plethora of other questions. But then an apprehension to actually know the answer sets in and the universe can feel that apprehension – remember all minds are linked. If you can come from a place in those questions, were it feels like the universe is always sending you love, would you then, be able to receive the answer?

First and foremost are you willing to make a change, because all life’s questions come with that. If he or she likes you you will have to make room for them. If you are or are not sick you will need to make proper adjustments to your diet, exercise to get and stay healthy. All life’s buring questions come with change. That in and of itself is a hard pill to swallow, we get comfortable, safe in the known. When you start to ask a question outside of that safe place it will lead you down a rabbit hole. Get ready.

Now the second part to receiving signs; are you paying attention? This is key to staying present and in the now. Often times you may have a sense of déjà vu when you are awake a in the moment with a sign. The staying in the moment helps you see the signs. If you are lost in your head and on autopilot a butterfly could tap you on the shoulder and you would miss it.

And lastly you need to ask for a sign or the sign. All minds are linked, including that in spirit and of the universe.

When ever I start spinning in what I could have done or what is verses what is not, I assign an item or specific sign, if I see it will calm my nerves instantly and in that calm an answer from the universe or my subconscious or both happens instantly. My mind spinning in no longer there, my mind is able to sit quietly so I can get my actual intuitive answers on my own.

Pay more attention to what you’re experiencing, the universal language is synchronicity. The simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. Why ask a question if you are going to ignore the answer? If you pay attention to the signs you receive you maybe surprised to notice that the answers were there all the time.

Thank you universe more please.

In my world right now with all the changes and all the spinning I gave myself the sign of the goose or geese, very rarely have I seen a single goose floating in the sky, but I have. They usually come in flocks and just taking a moment to watch them connects me to this planet to the answers I seek and to myself. The goose is an awkward bird, but together in that flock they seem almost magical, and in flight they are amazing and connected with each other. If one goose is wounded or sick, several others sense this and fall back with that goose and stay with it for as long as is needed. Goose or Geese spiritual symbolism is that we often take on the quests of others those quests are not our own. The goose brings awareness to be on your own path, to know what is right from within. Geese are kind, loyal and brave and they clearly communicate. I find myself lost in translation more times than not and I picked the goose for these reasons. One of the reasons was to help me calm me down so I can communicate better. Another is private but the person I love is linked to them in a way, and when I see them I know everything is going to be ok.

The next thing I do is document the times that I see my sign, I just grab my phone and in the notes I put a time, sometimes how I felt or just what I saw. It really depends on the time I have to document. But I have a whole list just about geese, I know these creatures are in abundance but some days have gone by where I did not see a single one. Other days they made a strange appearance; like thru a video, or they were the center piece in an exhibit or on an article of clothing or where they were in such abundance it was a total pay attention moment like being surrounded at a funeral by thousands.

Keeping a written note will help you know that the universe is on your side, not to be distressed or down trodden. The universe is rarely subtle, when a message is sent it is meant for you to hear, see and taste it.

I dare you to surrender to the answer. Find you in the I am.