2020 was the Tower card in the Major Arcana Tarot. The Tower is strong but was build on shaky ground. Expect the unexpected was an understatement. A relationship’s end; ie. divorce of partnership, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or an event or multiple events that shake you to your core. Were you left in 2020 affected spiritually, mentally and physically. Well then you were on track!

It should have felt like you took a leap off of the tower into radicle change; not necessarily a change you would have made on your own. This was soul level change.

Maybe you were fortunate and left at peace and only had to change some of your everyday habits like wearing a mask staying 6 feet away from your fellow humans. Not going out and only connecting to others electronically. Either way 2020 led way to some change by a gentle nudge or total destruction.

It’s important to offer up to source the burden’s of the last year, “Free me from 2020, so that I may see what is important to me, show me your will and restore me to health, vitality and compassion.” Do a tiny little ritual to make it to the next level.

2021 will precede with caution. As we head into the start of the year everything will seemingly remain the same. But trust that the months of 2020 when we were rebuilding our tower we reinforced its structor.

2021 has already started off well for many of my clients. Keep using your mantras of manifesting and turn this year into brilliance! I love Numerology, it has been a guide to me and is considered the mathematics of the universe. Everything in the universe is said to emerge from a single unified field.

Looking at numerology for clues on what 2021 may hold in store for us…

Let’s just start with 21, and this master number’s characteristics. In this case, 21 would yield the root number 3 by adding 2+1=3. In numerology you find the root number by adding each number to the coinciding number next to it until you arrive at the single digit. It is also interesting to note that 21 is the product of 3, its root, and 7 which is a highly spiritual number. In this way, we can see that 21 is not your traditional compound number, making it a master. This is because 21 represents the ultimate fulfillment of a long and arduous process of spiritual transformation. The root number of 21 is 3 and 3 is the number of unbridled creativity taking material form. The number 21 shows up demonstrating this is a significant time of completion, peace, fulfillment, and success.  It also represents all the wisdom you’ve gained along the way.

21 is represented by The World Tarot card and The World shows us that we end up where we’re supposed to be, and the detours were actually part of the divine plan all along.

If we take the 2021 we arrive at the root number 5. The sacredness of 5 is one of freedom. Freedom is one of the most important aspects to understanding your self sovereignty. Sovereignty is this case means the ability to choose the direction of your own life, and thus being the exclusive authority over your own body and mind. Whatever you are dealing with, seek a deeper understanding to that awareness of reality. 5 is also the number of change, chance, variety, choice, expanding belief systems, the sudden, the unexpected, the unusual, and the physical. This year will be quite an experience for you – a new experience. Opportunities are going to appear from the blue, recognize and seize them! Focus on being limitless and free! You will go into directions you have never seen, I wish that for you!

If I look at the Tarot deck for answers a 5 directs me to the Hierophant. The Hierophant is the revealer of sacred things. The teacher or council of sacred knowledge. Moving towards a new relationship milestone.

Protect your mind, stay in the flow of freedom and look for the moments where you can succeed. Think Opportunity!