One thing leads to another...

I don't know why or how it happened, I just know it happened. It was not too long after I started teaching yoga I met a student in a moment of stillness at the busy studio where I worked. We started talking and randomly I asked her why she hadn't gone back to New York City. She looked at me and said "How do you know I lived in New York City?" I said "Not sure". Well one thing leads to another. It turns out she was trying to pursue an acting career, and was pretty down that it hadn't happened. We had a chat about it and what had been holding her from her highest potential. I simply asked her the questions out loud, gave her space to answer, and I believe this was the pivotal moment. I saw her a couple months later and she was moving to New York, to recommit to her acting career.

In that moment I knew I needed to help others in more ways than just teaching yoga...

I joined the Navy out of High School, went to college, went to technical school, then went to yoga. In yoga I got my voice back, I got my life in a place of stillness on occasion.

I found a life coach and a practice called Voice Dialog. It is a process of individualizing your voices. Then I read a book called "Many Lives Many Masters" by Brian Weiss. I knew I needed to add Past Life Regression to my basket. From doing regressions I started receiving more messages. Seeing more than I can explain. Telling people things that hit home and not always in the moment I am saying them. Most of the time it takes time to process, and in the process or "work" they find a possibility. I see open doors from a perspective that most don't.

Maybe it's the artist in me, maybe it's the yoga teacher in me, maybe it's just spirit speaking through me. It really doesn't matter. Past, Present, Future, it all resides in one moment. What you're holding onto, what you're avoiding, and what is possible. This is where I can help you.


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